Annique Business Opportunity

34150-c4a6ce77-0e53-4cf5-b014-0fd91d6e8f2aIn the age of laser treatments, chemical peels, injections and cosmetic surgery, Annique has captured nature’s power combined with scientific advancements, and have created a range of super effective skin care products. Annique products deliver targeted treatments for specific skin concerns ranging from wrinkles and age spots, to cellulite and stretch marks. Rooibos antioxidant extract, with its natural anti-ageing, anti-alergic and health-boosting properties, is combined with breakthrough natural ingredients for optimal results.


By becoming an Annique Consultant, you can earn an extra source of income, meet wonderful people, grow a team that works for you, and be able to work from home or wherever you like. 


1. First and foremost, get in touch! As an Independent Annique Consultant, I have been in the industry for many years, selling Annique products through direct selling and through our salon in Pretoria – and I’ve loved every minute of it! I will be able to answer all of your questions, explain the Annique processes and products to you and mentor you as you start your very own Annique business. I will also give you an Annique agreement to sign and will provide you with product training, business skills and all other company information that you might require.
2. Get your business kit Within a few short days after signing your Agreement, you will receive your business and product kit to share with friends, plus information on where to receive your training and the when to attend motivational and group meetings.
3. Receive special limited-time offers to help give your new business a boost.

In your new business kit, you’ll receive:

  • FREE Replique newletter
  • FREE Beautè with promotional offers
  • FREE Business cards
  • FREE Price lists
  • FREE Success guide

You will also be added to our e-mail and SMS notification network.
4. Earn on EVERYTHING you sell With all of the training available, several ways to sell, and the support of your Annique sponsor (me), you can start earning money within days of receiving your Starter Kit! You are in control of how much money you make – and think of how quickly the money can start adding up if you instantly earn 25% off the retail price of the products or the special offers, AND an additional discount of up to 15% on the sales of your team or network.


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